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Find Thermo Scientific cell culture flasks designed for consistency, cell health and reproducibility, with the surface and ancillary options you're looking for in a tissue culture flask. Choose a cell culture flask from a variety of sizes, with culture areas ranging from 25cm2 to 500cm2 and a selection of surface treated offerings to address your specific applications and cell types.

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Cell culture flasks for adherent cells
Thermo Scientific Cell Culture Flasks for Adherent Cells - Tissue Culture Flasks

Nunc EasYFlasks treated cell culture flasks

  • Available in sizes: T25, T75, T175 and T225.
  • Wide, angled neck provides easy access to entire growth surface.
  • Cell culture treated and lot-to-lot certified for adhesion cultures, to ensure consistency, reproducibility and reliability. Certificate included in every case.
  • Cap opens with 1/3 turn allowing one-handed operation.
  • Filter and vent/close cap options.

Cell culture flasks for suspension cells

Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Culture Flasks for Suspension Cells - Tissue Culture Flasks

Made with high quality, optically clear virgin polystyrene, these non-treated cell culture flasks offer a high level sterility assurance ideal for suspension culture of non-adherent cells.

  • Available in sizes: T25, T75, T175
  • Wide, angled neck provides easy access to entire growth surface
  • Filter cap opens with 1/3 turn allowing one-handed operation
  • White cap for easy identification

Specialty cell culture flasks

Thermo Scientific Nunclon Sphera EasYFlask - Ultra Low Attachment Tissue Culture Flask

Enables formation of reproducible spheroid cultures

  • Available in T25 and T75 sizes
  • Intended for spheroid culture, organoid culture, and 3D culture
  • Wide, angled neck provides easy access to entire growth surface
  • Cell culture treated and lot-to-lot certified for adhesion cultures
  • Cap opens with 1/3 turn allowing one-handed operation; available with filter caps

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Thermo Scientific Poly-D-Lysine and Collagen Treated Cell Culture Flask - Tissue Culture Flasks

For cells with low adherence or growth

  • Available in T25, T75, and T175 sizes

Poly-d-lysine (PDL) and collagen I coated flasks are ideal for adherent cultures of primary cells that are finicky and have difficulties attaching to the growth surface.

The uniform coating creates a positive charge on the surface that helps ensure cell attachment, growth and differentiation. Should be used when cell lines are difficult to grow and show low adherence or slowed growth even after optimization of growth conditions.

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Large-scale cell culture flasks

Thermo Scientific T300 Tissue Culture Flask - Cell Culture Flasks

Largest single layer cell culture treated flask on the market.

  • 1,900 mL total volume
  • Large writing area
  • Prominent stacking feet enable reliable stacking of multiple flasks
  • Filter cap with 0.2 μm pore size hydrophobic membrane for sufficient gas exchange


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Thermo Scientific Nunc TripleFlask Tissue Culture Flask - Cell Culture Flasks

Enables compact scale-up and automation

  • Provides 500 cm2 surface area for cell attachment with the space-saving footprint of a T175 flask
  • Expanded surface saves incubator space and increases productivity
  • Treated for maximum adhesion of a broad range of cell types
  • Available with a non-treated surface for suspension cultures
  • Barcoded option available

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Thermo Scientific Bioprocessing Scale Cell Culture - Cell Culture Plastics, Products, and Equipment

Perfect your cell culture processes at every stage, from research and process development to large-scale biomanufacturing. The quality of our production cell culture platforms, including Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory Systems, Nunc roller bottles, and Nalgene single-use shaker flasks, reflects the rigorous standards that have made us the world's leading provider of cell culture products.

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What features should you consider when selecting a cell culture flask?

 Why EasYFlask is the optimal choice for cell culture and scale-up
Neck widthExtra wide neck provides easier access to growth surface with scraper or pipette
Cap opening1/3-turn cap enables one-handed operation and avoids wrist strains
Volume graduationsMolded and printed for easy and quick measurement of growth media
Sterility assurance level (SAL)Sterility assurance of  SAL 10-6 guarantees that no more than one flask out of 1 million may be non-sterile
Lot-to-lot testing and certification in each caseLot specific testing across four cell lines and primary cells ensures consistency, reproducibility and reliability of quality; certificate included in each case
Airflow below flaskVented ribs on flask bottom enable optimal temperature equilibration
Robust designThick walls provide robust design for better resistance to mechanical stress
Continuity of surface for scale upThe Thermo Scientific Nunclon Delta surface—for maximum attachment and growth of adherent cultures—is offered across our T25, T75, T175, T225 and T500 flasks, enabling consistency and confidence when scaling up

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