cell grown in Opti-MEM

Gibco Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Media is a modification of Eagle's Minimum Essential Medium, buffered with HEPES and sodium bicarbonate, and supplemented with hypoxanthine, thymidine, sodium pyruvate, L-glutamine, trace elements, and growth factors.

Most cells grown in serum-supplemented media can be transferred to Opti-MEM media with a minimum of 50% reduction in serum.

Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Media is ideal for use during cationic lipid transfections—especially Invitrogen Lipofectamine transfection reagents.

Need help selecting a transfection reagent?

Reagent-mediated transfection is a fast, simple, and reproducible means of introducing DNA, RNA, siRNA, or oligonucleotides into eukaryotic cells. Selecting a transfection reagent depends on the cell type, its adhesion properties, plating confluency, what you're transfecting, and other factors.

View our transfection reagent selection guide for guidance on which reagents to use for your experiments.