Serum is variable lot to lot. But that doesn’t mean your cell culture needs to be, too.
Gibco has solved the serum puzzle with the iMATCH multi-parametric lot matching tool. Our FBS specialists utilize iMATCH to find you the most consistent or highest performing lot of serum available, via our proprietary algorithm which analyzes all or partial certificate of analysis parameters.

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Gibco has taken serum characterization one step further

We perform proliferation screening assays on every lot of US and USDA serum with the following cell lines:

  • CHO-K1 (hamster ovary)
  • 293F (human embryonic kidney
  • Jurkat (human T-cell leukemia)
  • THP-1 (human monocyte)
  • ME-180 (human cervical carcinoma)

Combined with the myriad of assays already conducted on our high-quality FBS, these assays will yield a unique “performance fingerprint” of your serum that will enable us to provide you with consistently performing product–time and time again.
For research use or further manufacturing use only. Serum and blood proteins are not for direct administration into humans or animals.