Trypsin and Cell Dissociation Reagents

Reliable dissociation for adherent cell culture

Gibco trypsin and alternative cell dissociation products are ideal for use with tissues and cell monolayers. Gibco trypsin and TrypLE reagent come in a wide variety of formats to meet the diverse needs of researchers performing adherent cell culture.

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Trypsin and alternative cell dissociation reagents

 Fast, general purposeGentle & convenient for research useGentle & convenient for bioproduction/ industrial applicationsGentle & fast for strongly adherent cellsSpecialized for neural & pluripotent stem cell dissociation
TrypLE Express (1X)TrypLE Select (1X)TrypLE Select (10X)StemPro Accutase
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Source originAnimal origin (porcine)Animal origin-freeAnimal origin-free (dedicated AOF machinery)Animal origin-free (dedicated AOF machinery)Serum free, animal origin (invertebrate)
Storage temperature Frozen
(–5 to –20° C)
Ready to use (room temp. stable)Ready to use (room temp. stable)Ready to use (room temp. stable)Refrigerated
Higher cell viability 
Inactivation methodRequires Trypsin inhibitors / neutralizersInhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)Inhibition by dilution (no inhibitors needed)
Available packaging100 mL
50 mL
100 g powder
100 mL
500 mL
5 L bags
100 mL
500 mL
100 mL
500 mL
100 mL
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Tissue dissociation

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