Nuclease-Free Tubes, Tips & Buffers

RNA can be difficult to work with because it is readily degraded by RNases that are ubiquitous in the environment, including on our hands. Manufactured with rigorous nuclease contamination controls that include stringent quality specifications, Ambion products succeed in less-than-ideal conditions. This is referred to as "building robustness" into the products and it continues to be a primary focus of Ambion product development. Ambion nuclease-free consumables are designed to meet the needs of researchers working with RNA by offering the highest quality. Each lot of our nuclease-free products is tested to help ensure that no traces of contaminating nonspecific endonuclease, exonuclease, and RNase activities are present.

Rigorous Testing Helps Ensure Quality

Nuclease-Free Tubes
& Tips

Nuclease-Free Tubes & Tips

Certified nuclease-free (RNase- and DNase-free) tubes and tips designed for handling RNA and DNA with confidence

Nuclease-Free Water

Nuclease-Free Water

Certified nuclease-free water products available in a wide range of sizes and packaging formats for molecular biology research

Nuclease-Free Buffers
& Reagents

Nuclease-Free Buffers & Reagents

RNA and DNA storage buffers, general-use buffers, and molecular biology-grade reagents—all rigourously tested and shown to be nuclease-free

Ambion Quality ISO 9000 Certification

Dynabeads In Action

 In support of our commitment to providing the highest-quality products, information and services, our Austin Texas site, home of Ambion products, has obtained ISO 9001:2000 registration. The achievement of ISO 9001 registration assures that quality systems and procedures have been developed and implemented in product design, production, and support operations. ISO 9001 certification is a strategic milestone in our ongoing efforts to effectively support customers. BSI, Inc., the world's largest registration body for management systems, is the registrar for Ambion quality systems.