MagMAX™ Express 24-well instruments with serial numbers lower than 700-381 and MagMAX™ Express-96 instruments with serial numbers lower than 710-573 were shipped with version 1 protocols only. If your instrument's serial number is EQUAL TO OR HIGHER than these numbers, your instrument already has the version 2 protocols.

How do I load new protocols onto my instrument?

To uploading new scripts to the MagMAX™ Express instrument:

  1. Load software (KingFisher software v2.6.2) onto a computer with a serial port.
  2. Save file to import to desktop or hard drive of the computer.
  3. Open the KingFisher software.
  4. Import the file:
    • Select “Protocol” tab → ”Import/export protocols” → Click on “Read file” → browse for the file to import and click “open”→ select desired file(s) to import → click “import”
  5. Add the serial number of the machine to the software:
    • Select “instrument” Tab → “instrument configuration” → “new” → add serial number
  6. Send protocol to instrument:
    • Select “instrument” Tab → “Send protocol to instrument” → select correct machine in the new window → select the protocol to send → click on “send protocol”

PLEASE NOTE: Customers who have validated specific scripts should continue using the versions that they validated. Both version 1 and version 2 scripts are provided on this page to enable customers to save an archived copy, update version 1 instruments to version 2, or revert a version 2 instrument to version 1. Version 3 scripts are identical to version 2 scripts, except for a slower elution shaking speed in version 3.

Which version of protocols were pre-loaded on my MagMAX™ Express Instrument?

  Version 1 protocols Version 2 protocols
 Serial numberSerial number
MagMAX™ Express Particle Processor (24-well)< 700-381≥ 700-381
MagMAX™ Express-96 Particle Processor< 710-573≥ 710-573

Updated Scripts for Part Numbers 4462359, AMB1836-5, AM1836

NOTE: These updated scripts are identical to Version 2 scripts, except for a slower elution shaking speed.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.