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From general overviews of CRISPR and TALEN-based genome editing techniques and experimental design best practices to specific applications including cell engineering and knock-in/-out strategies, our collection of videos and webinars is designed to help you maximize your success using these technologies.

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Louise Baskin

Tools and Methods for CRISPR-Cas9 Screening for Functional Genomics and Drug Discovery

Louise Baskin, M.S. Molecular Biology and Genetics, Senior Product Manager for Functional Genomics Thermo Fisher Scientific
Date: April 30th, 2020 9AM PST

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Matthew C. Poling, PhD

A Workflow for Knock-in Genome Editing: Simplified

Matthew C. Poling, PhD, Product Manager, Genome Editing Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Master the Art of CRISPR Editing webinar series

In this free three-part webinar series you will learn tips and tricks for CRISPR delivery, how to best isolate edited clones, and downstream detection and validation methods for successful CRISPR gene editing.

the Art of CRISPR Editing

Part 1—The art of CRISPR design
Key learning objectives (30 minutes):

  • gRNA design basics
  • Understanding available gRNA and donor DNA formats
  • Optimizing knockout experiments
  • Designing the optimal gRNA and donor DNA for knock-in experiments
  • Setting up a successful gene editing experiment

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Part 2—The art of optimizing CRISPR delivery 
Key learning objectives (30 minutes):

  • Understanding available CRISPR-Cas9 formats
  • Factors affecting CRISPR-Cas9 delivery
  • Optimizing delivery to maximize gene editing
  • Delivery options based on cell type and downstream application, including loss-of-function screening

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Part 3—The art of CRISPR detection, clonal isolation, and validation
Key learning objectives (30 minutes):

  • Optimizing conditions for CRISPR-mediated cell engineering
  • Quantifying editing efficiency and screening positive clones
  • Isolating and validating CRISPR-edited clones
  • Screening for off-target effects

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