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Thermo Scientific™ biological safety cabinets (BSCs) offer the certified performance and protection that stays with you every day. Not true with ordinary cabinets. The difference is our design: 

  • Thermo Scientific SmartFlow technology features dual-DC motors to automatically balance the cabinet inflow and downflow air velocities in real time
  • Digital Airflow Verification (DAVe) alarm signals any out-of-spec conditions for added assurance
  • Energy efficient motors and sustainable design provide globally aware world class performance

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Featured: Herasafe 2030i

Over ninety percent of biosafety cabinets worldwide are Class II biosafety cabinets of the type A2 variety. This is the Class II BSC as specified in the European Standard (EN 12469) and the Class II, Type A2 BSC as specified in NSF/ANSI 49, YY 0569, and other standards. Clean benches only provide product or sample protection, while Class II biosafety cabinets also protect the BSC user and the environment, both within the laboratory and in the community. This basic configuration of Class II BSC provides accessible safety and contamination control. 

DIN 12980 is a German standard for safety cabinets used for handling CMR materials. Cabinets designed, constructed and validated to DIN 12980 are often also validated to the European Standard for Class II BSCs (EN 12469). DIN 12980 is the only major standard directly addressing work with CMR and requiring the capability for safe replacement of loaded filters. These units can also be externally exhausted through direct or thimble connections.

The second most common type of Class II BSC under NSF/ANSI 49 is the Class II, Type B2 BSC. The B2 is sometimes specified for the handling of some types of hazardous drugs or for applications requiring higher volumes of exhaust air. Unlike the other BSCs on this page, the B2 requires a dedicated connection to external exhaust. See from the airflow diagram that this type of cabinet has no filtered recirculation within the cabinet. 

Horizontal flow clean benches are used worldwide to provide product or sample protection for applications that do not require personal or environmental protection. These clean benches provide product protection through the use of controlled laminar airflow and filtration at minimal operational costs.

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