Cryopreservation Systems & Accessories

Precise control and outstanding security

Transport and store nonhazardous materials, cells, tissues, industrial gases, and other biological samples with the highest safety and security. Designed to meet the rigorous storage requirements of cryogenic samples, our cryopreservation systems offer extended hold times, low power consumption, and no greenhouse gas emissions.

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Featured cryopreservation categories

Transport and store cryogenic samples with the highest safety and security. Our auto- and manual-fill liquid nitrogen systems offer precise temperature stability, low operating costs, and maximized storage capacities.

Our cryoware products are designed to safely contain and organize cryogenically-preserved samples. A variety of options provide the highest quality storage for your precious cryogenic samples—whether for research, cell culture, or biobanking applications.

Our cryopreservation accessories help to optimize and enhance the performance of your cryopreservation systems. Accessories include racks, risers, retrieval products, and more.