Controlled freezing prior to cold storage

Certain applications such as bioprocessing demand a controlled freezing process prior to ultra-low and cryogenic storage to preserve maximum sample viability. Thermo Scientific™ solutions include controlled-rate freezers, blast freezers, and a wide range of accessories.

Featured cold sample preparation categories

Use our cold storage sample preparation freezers to rapidly freeze plasma and a variety of ultra-low samples prior to freezer storage. Ultra-low and laboratory-grade freezers are designed for long-term storage—they are not meant for cold storage preparatory freezing.

Use our cold storage sample preparation freezers and accessories to rapidly freeze non-medical and cryogenic samples prior to cold storage. Accessories include sensors, printers, and racks.

I need to prepare my samples for long-term storage. Is my lab's –80°C freezer designed to accomplish this?

This Smart Note highlights useful information showing why the Thermo Scientific XBF40D –40°C Blast Freezer is a better choice for cold storage sample preparation prior to ultra-low freezer storage.