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Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series ultra-low freezers, high-performance refrigerators and freezers are designed with features that support sustainability objectives without compromising performance. The Series’ V-drive technology is designed to provide temperature uniformity that adapts to the laboratory environment, offering significant energy savings.

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TSX Series ultra-low freezers

TSX Ultra Low Freezers

Now available in four capacities, these -80°C freezers maximize sample storage capacity and offer substantial energy savings over conventional-refrigerant ultra-low freezers.

Available ultra-low freezers:

TSX high-performance refrigerators

TSX Refrigerators

Designed to meet the performance required for the lab and clinical environment, these new high-performance refrigerators offer a sustainable choice for applications requiring 2° to 8°C storage.

Available refrigerators:

TSX high-performance -20°C and -30°C freezers

TSX High Performance Freezers

Offering a quiet, sustainable alternative, these new high-performance freezers are available in -30°C auto or -20°C manual defrost models.

Available freezers:

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What is the TSX Series’ V-drive?

The performance and energy savings of the TSX Series are driven by the V-drive

While conventional refrigerant models use single speed compressors that continually cycle on and off, the TSX Series’ V-drive runs at variable speeds to adjust cooling performance to the conditions inside and outside the refrigerator or freezer.

  • When combined with the automated tuning control, the V-drive optimizes the compressor’s running
    speed to the current conditions.
  • When there are frequent door openings, or samples added to the refrigerator or freezer, the control system detects this activity and increases the drive speed to bring temperatures back to the setpoint quickly. This innovative technology is one of the reasons why the TSX Series delivers outstanding door opening recovery.
  • When conditions are stable such as overnight or on weekends, the drive runs at a lower speed, reducing energy consumption while maintaining a stable interior environment.
How the TSX V drive works
As shown in the graphic, the V-drive (unlike standard compressors) adjusts to factors such as start-up and door openings, when a higher compressor speed is needed. During normal running time when the door is closed, the V-drive runs at a lower speed to maintain setpoint.

How exactly is the TSX Series sustainable?

Some of its feature include:

  1. Natural refrigerants for lower environmental impact and higher cooling efficiency
  2. Water-blown foam insulation (TSX Series ultra-low freezers) eliminates the refrigerant out-gassing, common in other foam products
  3. Manufacturing of all TSX Series models takes place in an award-winning, zero-waste-to-landfill facility (93% recycling, 7% waste to energy)

Is the TSX series quiet?

Yes, unlike many other models, the TSX Series is so quiet you don’t need to keep them in the hallway. The TSX Series ultra-low freezers are up to 20X quieter than our previous generation of ultra-low freezers. The combination of the V-drive with the Series’ insulation limits the sound output to less than 48 DB—approximately the sound of a conventional refrigerator. With the new TSX Series high-performance refrigerators and freezers, the sound output is just 52 dB, or 50 dB for manual-defrost -20°C models. Our new TSX505 undercounter refrigerator runs at just 37 dBA.

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