Benchtop Centrifuge Accessories

Versatile, reliable workhorses of the lab, high capacities in small footprints.
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Rotor buckets, adapters, and lids

Maximize throughput, convenience, and performance with the exact accessories for your rotor and application. Choose from a wide selection of adapter shapes and sizes for both swinging bucket and fixed angle rotors, and buckets for swinging bucket rotors. For biocontainment, ClickSeal™ lids are sized to fit many bucket shapes and fixed angle rotors.

Centrifuge ware

You can find the perfect container for your centrifuge separation application, from large-volume pelleting to DNA isolation, with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ and Nunc™ centrifuge ware. We offer a broad selection of tubes and bottles in sizes from 10 mL to 2 L, in conical and round-bottom profiles, with a choice of secure closures.

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Cell Washer

The CW3 cell washer is designed for thorough, reproducible blood cell washing in just three minutes. You can automate programs to save valuable time, or operate it manually to allow step-by-step monitoring. Select a 12 or 24 place rotor to meet your protocol requirements. The instrument features a user-friendly keypad and alerts to indicate conditions such as low saline levels and run completion.

Capacity 24 tubes
Maximum speed

3,000 rpm (centrifuge)

1,200 rpm (wash)

350 to 500 rpm (decant)

Maximum RCF

1,180 x g (centrifuge)

190 x g (wash)

Dimensions (HWD)

16.1 x 14.6 x 17.7 in.

(41 x 37 x 45 cm)

Weight 61.6 lb (28.0 kg)