Ultra Low-Temperature Freezers

Ultimate protection, optimum capacities

Whether you are planning for one or several ultra low–temperature (ULT) freezers in a new lab, it’s important to know how much footprint to allocate as well as electrical requirements and additional specifications. Thermo Scientific™ ultra-low freezers offer a wide range of options for labs with different footprint requirements as well as new models that are designed to meet energy-savings and sustainability preferences.

Our Thermo Scientific upright ultra-low freezers are designed to protect your samples and maximize sample capacity within the freezer footprint. Choose from 5-inner door models (Revco™ freezers) or 4-inner door (TSX Series, Forma™ freezers).

  • Our new TSX Series –86°C freezers offer outstanding energy savings and sustainable design features. Models with capacities from 400, 500, 600, and 700 2-inch cryo boxes.

Ultra-low temperature freezer new construction resources

Combined technical data sheets and drawings are available in PDF or SLDPRT form for download. Choose from 5-inner door upright freezers (Revco) or 4-inner door upright (TSX, Forma). Model numbers ending in A are 120 V, 60 Hz; D models are 208–230V, 60 Hz; and V models are 230 V, 50 Hz. Models with a WC at the end include water-cooled condensers. CAD and Revit format drawings will be available on this site in the near future; consult your sales representative for immediate needs for CAD and Revit.

3D Demo: Explore TSX Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

A software tool for exploring the internal and external benefits of the Ultra Low Freezers. Hot spots throughout the tool feature data, researcher opinions, and technical specifications. Mouse operation enables rotation, zoom, and measurement.


All 120V, 60Hz and 208V, 60Hz ultra low freezers are UL, and 230 V, 50 Hz are CE marked. Contact your Thermo Fisher Scientific representative for more details.

New construction support

We can support your new construction or remodeling project in all stages of the process:

  • Drawings, equipment specifications, technical data, or white papers
  • New construction managers and local technical specialists provide support and training. On-site seminars and training can be provided to meet your schedule.
  • Dedicated service support for installation, training, product certification
  • AIA presentations (qualify for CEU credits)
  • Local distributor network

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