Thermo Scientific Barnstead Type 3 water purification systems use reverse osmosis to deliver the rugged performance you need, the low maintenance you deserve, and the dependability you can always trust. Choose from a wide selection of capabilities and options to ideally satisfy the Type 3 water needs in your laboratory.

Purified water with a >98% rejection at 25ºC is categorized as Type 3 reverse osmosis water and commonly used for general equipment such as water baths, glass washers, humidifiers, and autoclaves. Type 3 water may also be used as a feed to a Type 1 water purification system.

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Barnstead Type 3 Water Systems Overview


Pacific RO

LabTower RO

Description Flexible mountingHigher capacity integrated
floor mounted unit
Flow Rate7, 12, 20 L/hr40 L/hr
Special FeaturesAdjustable storage levelAdjustable storage level
Storage TypeSeparate reservoirIntegrated storage reservoir
Storage Volume30, 60, 100 L85 L
MountingBench, wallFreestanding
Data Output
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Required accessories

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Pacific RO

LabTower RO

External Pretreatment

Double cartridge pretreatment system* ›


Barnstead pretreatment system* ›

Single pretreatment carbon* ›


Single pretreatment prefilter* ›

Storage ReservoirChoose one of 3 optionsIntegrated storage tank:
85 L capacity
Storage Tank AccessoriesVent Filter ›Vent Filter ›
Sterile Overflow ›Sterile Overflow ›

*Purchase Required

Optional accessories

Consumable replacement information

The consumable replacement frequency is recommended below but will depend on the feed water quality and the volume of water processed by the water system. Click on the consumable below or here to learn more ›

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