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Advance your research with Affymetrix microarray analysis products

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides innovative Affymetrix products, tools, and resources that help advance the work of researchers via microarray analysis. Application areas that benefit from such an approach include plant and animal genomics and transcriptomics, including basic research and industrial application of technologies for breeding, population diversity and conservation, trait analysis, and more. Unique solutions are also available for cancer research from discovery to clinical research and validation, such as cytogenetics research of constitutional and cancer disorders. The genetics of human complex traits, Mendelian disorders, and populations are also application arrays that can be advanced with Affymetrix microarray analysis, such as through population-optimized and application-optimized genotyping to enable human genetic research workflows.

Microarray analysis categories

Microarrays are the platform of choice for detecting DNA structural variants (SV) such as chromosome insertions, duplications and deletions.

Microarray based assays for molecular cytogenetics research provide a genome-wide reliable approach that enables high-solution DNA copy number analysis.

The Axiom Genotyping Solution offers a uniquely flexible choice of customizable arrays or pre-designed arrays with imputation-aware designs covering more populations than any other technology.

Affymetrix agrigenomic genotyping solutions provide breeders and researchers with a powerful and flexible range of genotyping tools to cost-effectively identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits in plants and animals.

Measuring the changes in the miRNA expression profile is extremely important for deciphering the biological context of differentially expressed genes.

Phenotypic abnormalities are rarely a result of expression changes in single genes, so generating a comprehensive expression profile is critical when studying normal biology and disease processes.

Instruments such as the GeneChip Scanner, as well as data analysis software and microarray analysis services

We provide a variety of tools, resources, analysis files, and sample data to support planning and execution of your experiment.

Get faster access to deeper data with the insight and efficient services of an Affymetrix partner.

Data management and end-to-end sample tracking for microarray workflows.

Axiom Propel workflow: Elevate your genotyping to a new grand scale

In this new era of genotyping, Applied Biosystems microarray innovations can help you ignite your growth.
The new, high-throughput Axiom Propel workflow will help you easily scale-up genotyping to process millions of samples annually. Leave your mark on the future of predictive genomics. Propel your operations to new heights.

Key benefits:

  • Cost-effective scalability eliminating need of expensive liquid handlers
  • Genotype millions of samples annually without investing millions of dollars
  • Get results in 48 hours from gDNA, enabling timely breeding decisions
  • Modular set-up provides higher efficiency and uptime and lower cost per sample

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NetAffx analysis center

The NetAffx Analysis Center enables researchers to correlate their GeneChip array results with array design and annotation information.

  • Search probe sets for a term or identifier
  • Retrieve annotations for a probe list
  • Find probe sets that BLAST align to your sequence(s) through BLAST
  • Find probes that identically match your sequence(s)
  • Query the UCSC Browser including a custom track for your array of interest.

Visit the NetAffx Analysis Center