Affymetrix agrigenomic genotyping solutions provide breeders and researchers with a powerful and flexible range of genotyping tools to cost-effectively identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Our portfolio of robust, highly reproducible, and scalable products facilitates marker-assisted selection, genome-wide association studies, quantitative trait loci analyses, parentage, and traceability, all of which help fast track your genomic selection programs.

Agrigenomics genotyping solutions

Our array-based genotyping solutions are ideal for the identification, validation, and screening of complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Choose from our wide variety of predesigned arrays or customize an array specifically for your study.

Eureka Genotyping Solution for agrigenomics offers both predesigned and custom next-generation sequencing (NGS)–based assays. The complete solution includes genotyping panels, reagent kits, a fully automated workflow, and easy-to-use data analysis tools.

Axiom myDesign Custom Arrays give you the power to develop an effective array for genome-wide association, replication, fine mapping, and candidate gene studies in any species. Use variants you provide, or choose SNPs from our Axiom Genomic Database, the world's largest resource of genotype-tested SNPs.

From sample and plate QC to automated genotype calling and SNP classification, this easy-to-use software performs analysis in a single step and allows you to view QC results, summary tables, and SNP cluster graphs.

The Eureka Analysis Suite is a complete data analysis solution for all Eureka panels. It manages samples, helps ensure next-generation sequencing index combination integrity, and enables genotyping data analysis with a single software package.

The Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory for microarrays is a high-throughput genotyping facility that offers affordable and fast genotyping services for large-scale, microarray-based studies. The service lab has genotyped more than one million samples and called about 650 billion genotypes, enabling our customers to complete their genotyping studies quickly and affordably.

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