Axiom Genotyping Solution for Agrigenomics

The Axiom Genotyping Solution for agrigenomics provide breeders and researchers with powerful genotyping tools to identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits in plants or animals. It includes arrays with genotype-tested content from the Axiom Genomic Database or de novo markers that are important to you. The complete solution comprises genotyping arrays, reagent kits, a fully automated workflow, and easy-to-use free data analysis tools. Customize your genotyping array or panel with us for any high-throughput industrial application with confidence that all your markers of interest can be targeted and manufactured on the custom array.

Axiom myDesign Genotyping Arrays

With Axiom myDesign Genotyping Arrays, you can create fully- or semi-customizable genotyping arrays for genome-wide association, replication, fine mapping, and candidate gene studies. Fully- or semi-customized arrays containing 300 to 2.6 million markers can be designed. Multiple species arrays are supported without any restriction on number of markers per species.

Axiom Propel workflow for high throughput genotyping

The Axiom Propel workflow provides scalable and affordable high throughput genotyping to meet seasonal high demands. Compared to automated liquid handler-based protocol, the Axiom Propel workflow requires 30% lower investment for equipment and saves ~70% on tips and consumable. The 384F assays are designed to provide data from samples within 48 hours to help make critical breeding decisions in a timely manner.

Axiom Analysis Suite Software

Axiom Analysis Suite offers automated clustering and genotype calling of data from polyploid and diploid genomes. From sample and plate QC to automated genotype calling and SNP classification, this easy-to-use software performs analysis in a single step and allows you to view QC results, summary tables, and SNP cluster graphs.

Axiom Expert Designed Genotyping Arrays

These low-, medium-, and high-density arrays offer the power and resolution for a wide range of applications in plant and animal breeding and genomics. These applications include: studying marker-trait association, evaluating elite lines, and identifying multi-line reference populations, as wellas research applications for genome-wide analysis and selective sweep analysis studies.

GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument

GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument automates array processing from target hybridization to data generation by combining a hybridization oven, fluidics processing, and state-of-the art imaging device into a single bench-top instrument.

Axiom CNV Summary Tools Software

The Axiom CNV summary tools use intensity and genotypes to calculate log2 ratios and B allele frequencies from genotyping data. Affymetrix CNV Viewer is also included, which allows visualization of copy number changes across the genome.

Axiom Services

The Affymetrix Research Services Laboratory is a high-throughput genotyping facility that offers affordable and fast genotyping services for large-scale, microarray-based studies.

Axiom Genotyping Solution for agrigenomics offers:

  • Customizable content—genotype any species, genome size, or ploidy level on fully customizable and cost-effective Axiom myDesign Genotyping Array in a 96-array layout (up to 650,000 SNPs and indels) or 384-array layout (up to 50,000 SNPs and indels), which accommodates your own proprietary markers or markers from your genome sequencing initiatives. The Axiom Genotyping Solution delivers more content at no additional cost within each design tier.

  • 100% fidelity; No dropped SNPs—Axiom genotyping arrays are synthesized in situ using a proprietary photolithographic technology that is designed to deliver the exact same content every time, between and across manufacturing batches
  • Robust assay—generate robust and reliable genotypes with minimal user intervention while helping to reduce costs and processing complexity. The pre-optimized reagents and validated workflows are combined with empirically validated SNPs to help generate the most reliable results.

  • Multi-species arrays—consult with Bioinformatics Services to design your arrays with multiple species of your choosing on a single array. There are no restrictions on number or marker per species.

  • Fully automated workflow—process your samples with end-to-end automation from target preparation through analysis with typically less than 2.5 hours of hands-on time per 96 or 384 samples. The end-to-end automated solution helps reduce hand-on processing time and minimizes user intervention.

A streamlined assay

Total genomic DNA (150 ng) is amplified and randomly fragmented into 25 to 125 base pair (bp) fragments. These fragments are purified, re-suspended, and hybridized to Axiom Genome-Wide and myDesign array plates. Following hybridization, the bound target is washed under stringent conditions to remove non-specific background to minimize background noise caused by random ligation events. Each polymorphic nucleotide is queried via a multi-color ligation event carried out on the array surface. After ligation, the arrays are stained and imaged on the GeneTitan MC Instrument.


The complete workflow solution

The Axiom Genotyping Solution includes pre-designed and customized array plates with validated genomic content from the Axiom Genomic Database as well as complete reagent kits, data analysis tools, and a fully automated workflow utilizing GeneTitan Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument.

Axiom Genome-Wide Genotyping Assay