Phosphoramidites for Nucleic Acid Synthesis

Synthesize your high-quality DNA and RNA oligonucleotides with the confidence from partnering with a proven global leader in nucleic acid chemistry. With 40 years of engineered nucleic acid manufacturing experience, phosphoramidites are a unification of our expertise in protection chemistries, modifications, manufacturing scale-up and innovative purification strategies. Thermo Scientific TheraPure phosphoramidites are designed for oligonucleotide manufacturers requiring highly defined impurity profiles and strictly controlled processes. All catalog (and custom) phosphoramidites are manufactured in our state-of-the-art Milwaukee, WI manufacturing facility (originally home to Pabst Laboratories), with an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system. Please review our available amidite catalog products below, or click the Request Information button to set up a custom project consult today.

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Select your phosphoramidite family of interest, including an extended TheraPure product line, to review specifications and details. You can use our form to request a quote or to request more detailed information. 

Featured phosphoramidites and nucleic acid synthesis components

As RNA becomes a key driver of therapeutic technologies, TheraPure RNA phosphoramidites have become the gold standard for development and manufacturing of RNA-based therapeutic oligonucleotides. Give your oligos high-definition with TheraPure RNA phosphoramidites today.     

Select our 2′-MOE phosphoramidites for advanced generation of antisense oligonucleotides and siRNA designs.

Traditionally used as a key staple for oligo therapeutics for many years, 2′-OMe modified phosphoramidites now support exciting new technologies such as CRISPR-cas9 gRNA.

2'-Fluoro continue to find utility in oligo therapeutic technologies, impacting stability and affinity. Recently upgraded to meet our TheraPure standards.

TheraPure DNA phosphoramidites, the original brand of amidites designed specifically for oligo therapeutics, and continue their evolution with our customers' demanding high sensitivity assays and next-generation therapeutic molecules.  

With one of the broadest ranges of labeling options to choose from, Thermo Fisher Scientific lights up the way with our line of fluorescent labels including DyLight, cyanine, fluorescein, and other non-fluorescent lablels (eg. biotin).

Modifications for design of primers, probes, or for structural studies, and utilized especially in molecular diagnostics and research applications. Includes: 5m-dC, dU, dI, N6-Me-dA, N4-Ethyl-dC, 8-oxo-dG, and more.

With the combination of high surface area potential and chemically activated porous glass, our Controlled Pore Glass (CPG) Synthesis supports are essential for the initiation of RNA (or DNA) oligonucleotide synthesis.  We also offer DNA Succinates for the derivatization of controlled pore glass, polystyrene or other supports used in solid phase oligo synthesis.

3′, 5′, and internal oligo linkers are modifications utilized for NHS ester conjugation, while spacers increase the distance between functional groups, as well as provide conformational support.