High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis is a post-PCR technique used to identify genetic variation in nucleic acid sequences.  HRM is often used to screen large numbers of potential variant sequences quickly and inexpensively as a precursor to other more laborious techniques such as sequencing.The region of interest is amplified in a reaction containing a double-strand DNA (dsDNA)–binding dye which fluoresces brightly only when bound to dsDNA. After the PCR, reactions are slowly heated in a real-time instrument capable of capturing a large number of fluorescent data points per change in temperature, with high precision. When the dsDNA dissociates (or melts) into single strands, the dye is released, causing a change in fluorescence. The result is a melt curve profile characteristic of a particular sequence.

MeltDoctor™ HRM Master Mix

Specialized PCR master mix that contains all components (excluding template and primers) formulated for superior HRM performance across a wide range of genomic targets.

MeltDoctor™ HRM Reagent Kit

PCR components and MeltDoctor™ HRM dye required for high resolution melting analysis. Supplied unmixed in separate containers so that you can customize your experiments.

MeltDoctor™ HRM Positive Control Kit

Components to demonstrate and troubleshoot HRM analysis. The positive control kit contains forward and reverse PCR primers, and three DNA templates representing alleles AA, AB and BB.

MeltDoctor™ HRM Calibration Reagents

Ready-to-use MeltDoctor™ HRM Calibration Plates contain all the components required for pure dye and HRM calibration, including MeltDoctor™ HRM Calibration Standard and MeltDoctor™ HRM Master Mix, reducing the complexity of getting started with HRM experimentation. They provide thermal and optical calibration required for accurate and reproducible discrimination between melt curves.

The MeltDoctor™ HRM Calibration Standard contains the DNA template and primers for researchers who prefer to prepare their own calibration plate for thermal and optical HRM calibration.

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