MSIA Mass Spectrometric Immunoassays

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Overcome the challenges associated with traditional affinity purification methods using Thermo Scientific™ MSIA™ (Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay) microcolumns. Designed for analytical affinity purification, ready-to-use MSIA microcolumns are coated with target-specific affinity ligand to capture low abundant target analytes from even the most complex biological samples. Secure resourceful innovation that enables rapid assay development, provides high specificity and reduces variability to have data that you can trust.

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What is MSIA?

Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA) microcolumns are coated with affinity ligands giving you the power to capture even low abundant analytes from the most complex samples. MSIA can be used on low and high throughput formats and help to enable simple, reproducible and precise affinity capture — suitable for your bioanalysis workflow.

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MSIA microcolumns can be used on both automated high throughput and semi-automated low throughput formats, enabling simple, precise affinity capture that fits your biomolecule analysis workflow.

MSIA microcolumns are available for:

Housed within pipette tips, MSIA microcolumns are coated with target specific affinity ligand providing highly specific affinity capture. 

MSIA microcolumns capture even the low abundant analytes with superior quantitation performance, down to the femtomole level.

Cleaner analyte of interest enables low background, high senstivity and enhanced reproducibility.

Empower your biomolecule analysis workflow with MSIA microcolumns - providing data you can trust.


MSIA vs. Traditional Methods


Select the best MSIA product for your application


MSIA D.A.R.T.’S, Streptavidin


MSIA D.A.R.T.’S, Insulin 

D.A.R.T.’S, Custom

Protein A, Protein G & Protein A/G 


Based on the Streptavidin-biotin chemistry.

Enable a broad array of MSIA applications.
Based on the Streptavidin-biotin chemistry.

Enable a broad array of MSIA applications.
For purification of various insulin analogs, including endogenous human insulin, therapeutic analogs and non-human animal analogs.Allows direct 
linking of **affinity ligand of your choice to MSIA microcolumn.
A versatile option to bind and orientate a wide range of antibodies, enabling flexibility to use antibodies of choice specific to the application .


Novus i
Multichannel Electronic Pipette
- - - - Finnpipette
Novus i Multichannel Electronic Pipette
Novus i Multichannel Electronic Pipette
Novus i Multichannel Electronic Pipette


Thermo Scientific
Automated Liquid Handler 
Tecan’s Freedom EVO Platform
with MCA96 liquid handling arm
Thermo Scientific Versette Automated Liquid HandlerThermo Scientific Versette
Automated Liquid Handler
Thermo Scientific Versette Automated Liquid Handler 


Immobilized Stretavidin: 4.0 µg/microcolumn (<15%)

4 µg/microcolumn (<15%) [based on biotinylated-IgG]

Immobilized Stretavidin: 10 µg/microcolumn (<15%)

Binding capacity:
7.5 µg/microcolumn (<15%) [based on biotinylated-IgG]

N/AN/AProtein A: 4 µg IgG/microcolumn

Protein G: 4 µg IgG/microcolumn

Protein A/G: 4 µg IgG/microcolumn


For microscale purification of
target protein, peptide or antibody using target specific biotin conjugated affinity ligands. 
For microscale purification of target protein, peptide or antibody using target specificbiotin conjugated affinity ligands.Simultaneous quantitative and qualitative bioanalysis of insulin including endogenous and therapeutic
Tailored to capture
& elute protein, peptide or antibody of your interest.
Allows use of untagged
antibodies for
your specific applications.




Sports anti-doping

Translational research



Sports anti-doping

Translational research




Sports anti-doping




Sports anti-doping



Sports anti-doping

Translational research

*Direct linking of affinity ligand for the target analyte to the microcolumn.
**Affinity ligand must meet specific selection criteria. Either provide the affinity ligand or request us to directly buy from the vendor.

MSIA products

  • Semi-automated 12-channel pipette
  • Easily programmable for all MSIA protocols
  • Lightweight and ergonomic for all users
  • Excellent accuracy and reproducibility of liquid dispensing
  • Simultaneous liquid handling of 96-channels
  • Dynamic platform with a compact footprint
  • Six stage positions for washing, capture, and elution steps of all MSIA protocols
  • Easy-to-use ControlMateTM software with MSIA-specific protocols
  • Fully-automated 96-channel system
  • Highly modular with innumerable configurations
  • Different base units available, allowing flexibility around space constraints
  • Intuitive Freedom EVOware® interface allows seamless incorporation of MSIA protocols

Equipment and instruments related to MSIA microcolumns

Versette™ Pipetting Workstation

Support a wide range of applications with the Thermo Scientific™ Versette™ Automated Liquid Handler, a compact handler featuring user-friendly programming, reliable performance and a choice of 96- or 384-channel pipetting heads.

Vanquish™ Flex Binary UHPLC System

Obtain new benchmarks in accuracy, precision, and sensitivity. The Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Flex Binary UHPLC system is biocompatible with a state-of-the-art binary high-pressure pump and state-of-the-art binary solvent blending. Learn more ›

Q Exactive™ Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer

The Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer is equally useful for untargeted or targeted screening and a broad range of qualitative and quantitative applications in drug discovery, proteomics, environmental and food safety, clinical research and forensic toxicology. Learn more

Q Exactive™ Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer

The Q Exactive™ Plus Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap™ Mass Spectrometer takes Quanfirmation to the next level with increased performance and new options that enhance applications from confident DMPK qual/quan screening studies to characterization of intact monoclonal antibodies. Learn more

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