MSIA InsuQuant Kit

The Thermo Scientific InsuQuant™ Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA™) Kit contains all reagents and consumables needed to run insulin MSIA. The kit includes a rack of Insulin MSIA D.A.R.T.S., recombinant human insulin standard, internal insulin analog standard, wash buffer, LC column, and elution solvent.

InsuQuant: Discover the difference

Many of today’s commercially available insulin assays lack the specificity needed to differentiate human insulin from common insulin analogues.

What is InsuQuant?

The InsuQuant Mass Spectrometric Kit is an affinity purification clean-up kit used to extract endogenous insulin and exogenous insulin analogues from plasma for further analysis in LC-MS. Porous microcolumns are coated with an insulin-specific affinity ligand, targeted to capture insulin and its exogenous analogues. Through repeated pipetting of the matrix, the analyte of interest is put into contact with the antibody-coated surface on the microcolumn.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use—ships ready-to-use with all reagents and consumables
  • Cost savings—minimizes wear-and-tear on LC-MS, requiring less maintenance and decreasing instrument down-time
  • Reduced background—excellent affinity binding capability and highly reproducible
  • High sensitivity—up to 47% improvement of insulin detection compared to similar protein purification methodologies
  • Time savings—ability to multiplex both endogenous and exogenous insulin types in one run
  • Flexible—applicable for semi- and fully-automated workflows (Finnpipette Novus I and Versette platforms)

Components of the MSIA InsuQuant Mass Spec Kit

Insulin MSIA D.A.R.T.’S
1 rack, 96 units/rack
Insulin Standard 
200 µl, rH insulin
Internal Standard 
1 mL, insulin analog
Wash Buffer
80 mL, removal solution
Elution Solvent
13 mL, release solution
Sample Buffer
60 mL, dilution solution
LC Column
reversed-phase polymer monolithic column
Leucine Enkephalin
2.5 mg, carrier peptide

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*Note that there is an option available for those who do not want the LC Column included

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