Immunoprecipitation (IP) in the era of Sepharose™ resin (GE Healthcare) and other beaded agarose media had several challenges that were difficult to overcome and that led to commonly held beliefs that are not always true. Read about these below and see how immunoprecipitation using Invitrogen Dynabeads magnetic beads debunks these beliefs and provides a more reliable methodology for researchers doing IP.

Four myths about IP

1. Higher capacity is better for IP

Fact: High capacity is not always a good thing

When we say capacity is crucial, we are typically talking about the antigen-binding capacity. Because of the history of protein isolation and the move from large-scale protein purification to immunoprecipitation, people tend to believe that this capacity actually is crucial—when in fact capacity isn't always a good thing. The fact is that you want to balance the capacity, yield, specificity, and cost. Watch the video to learn why.

2. Background can't be avoided

Fact: Almost all background is removed with Dynabeads Magnetic Beads

3. Pre-clearing is necessary to get good results

Fact: Pre-clearing is not necessary with Dynabeads Magnetic Beads

Is it really necessary to pre-clear your sample prior to immunoprecipitation? Let's say you have made the assumption that some proteins will always bind nonspecifically to your solid phase. In order to remove these proteins, you need to pre-clear the sample, right? Watch the video and learn how you can avoid background without any pre-clearing.


4. Dynabeads magnetic beads are expensive

Fact: You can save money using Dynabeads Magnetic Beads

Some people think that Dynabeads magnetic beads are expensive, while slurry is typically considered to be cheap. Yet the price per sample is comparable—or even lower—when you include the pre-clearing step. When you calculate the cost of doing your immunoprecipitation, you typically look at the cost of the solid phase relative to the potential capacity of a fixed volume of that solid phase. Watch the video to better understand how to calculate the actual cost of your immunoprecipitation experiments.

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Immunoprecipitation Kit Protein A
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Dynabeads Protein A
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Dynabeads benefits


30-minute IP protocol, in one tube!


  • No pre-treatment/dilution.
  • No centrifugation.
  • No columns

Extremely gentle

Bound only by affinity interactions, your target protein and protein complexes are preserved intact. The gentle Dynabeads Protein A / Protein G ensure minimal physical stress, maximum sensitivity and yield, with no loss of target protein.

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