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What makes a great Sanger sequencing polymer? Meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to day-in and day-out consistency. Our intelligent software and systems continuously monitor quality and help ensure batch-to-batch consistency, with processes in place for the cleanest product possible. With every type of Applied Biosystems Genetic Analyzer on hand, we can stand behind our DNA sequencing polymer’s performance before it arrives in your lab.

Gold-standard quality

Applied Biosystems represents quality and reliability—a reflection of the work being done every day to improve our products. Whether your work is cancer research, drug discovery, GMO detection, or forensics, we focus on quality so that you can focus on getting answers to your most critical questions.

  • Only when the highest standards are met do we allow product delivery to your lab
  • We focus on quality so that you can focus on research

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“Testing is performed on Sanger sequencing polymers to verify the correct viscocity to enable the DNA to travel at the appropriate rate and provide the precise sizing and resolution that you need to be successful.”

-Quality Control

Format flexibility to fit your workflow

Our polymer performance polymer (POP) chemistries are built to fit in to your workflow, offering:

Sanger sequencing polymers

POP range

Using the right Applied Biosystems DNA polymers for your specific application can help reduce your re-run rate and enable high-quality, reproducible data.

POP for Sanger sequencing applications

POP-4For sequencing runs where a small number of base calls are needed of <400 bp
POP-6For sequencing applications when the length of read is important and throughput is not a constraint. Excellent resolution of nucleotides close to sequencing primer. Primarily used in conjunction with the BigDye Terminator v1.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit for sequencing short PCR products.
POP-7Sequencing of read lengths up to 1,000 bp in conjunction with the BigDye Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

POP for fragment analysis applications

POP-4For human identification applications, other fragment analysis applications, and for sequencing short DNA fragments (<500 bp)
POP-6For sequencing mid-sized DNA fragments (500–fdecc700 bp)
POP-7Confirmational Analysis Polymer is used for non-denaturing polynucleotide fragment analysis applications on genetic analyzers
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Build your knowledge

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