Custom Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan® QSY™ probes are designed for optimal sensitivity and performance in multiplex qPCR experiments. Current users of Black Hole Quencher (BHQ™) dyes can design custom QSY probes without changing probe sequences.

Catalog numberUnit size*Reporter dyeQuencherFormat 
44827776,000 pmolFAM, VIC, ABY, or JUNQSY1 tubeOrder now
448277820,000 pmolFAM, VIC, ABY, or JUNQSY1 tubeOrder now
448277950,000 pmolFAM, VIC, ABY, or JUNQSY1 tubeOrder now

All TaqMan QSY probes are HPLC-purified and verified by mass spectrometry to help ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility between batches. Thermo Fisher Scientific has been a leader in qPCR probe manufacturing for over 20 years, with expertise in probe synthesis in a facility that is certified to ISO 13485.

Features of the TaqMan QSY qPCR probes:

  • Sensitivity—lower background and increased signal result in better sensitivity
  • Multiplexing performance without compromise—successfully multiplex multiple gene targets in a single reaction
  • Dye options ideal for Applied Biosystems qPCR instrument filters—TaqMan qPCR dyes are designed for optimal alignment with Applied Biosystems qPCR instruments, enabling improved fluorescence signal, especially for low-expressing gene targets
  • Flexibility—mix and match your multiplex qPCR probes with up to 2 MGB probes or 4 QSY probes in a single reaction
  • Get started quickly—BHQ probe sequences can be converted to QSY versions with no redesign needed


Liquid 1X TE
IncludesProbe set
5’ reporter dye optionsFAM, VIC, ABY, or JUN
Shelf life12 months from manufacturing date
Green featuresLess waste, sustainable packaging
Shipping conditionRoom temperature
Storage condition–20°C

Performance without compromise

Multiplexing with TaqMan QSY probes enables cost savings and preservation of limited samples, and also yields comparable results between reactions performed in individual tubes and in 4-plex reactions, for a gene quantification experiment (Figure 2).


Figure 1. QSY probes have performance similar to that of BHQ probes. A FAM-QSY probe and a FAM-BHQ probe with identical oligonucleotide sequences and master mixes have similar Ct values.


Figure 2. Comparable results for singleplex and multiplex assays. The amplification plot shows linear portions of the curves for 4 EGFR assays amplified in singleplex (blue) and 4-plex reactions (red) in a dilution series from 20,000 pg to 2 pg of reference colon cDNA per 10 L reaction. PCR efficiencies are 96.09% for EGFR singleplex and 96.39% for EGFR 4-plex reactions.