CT/NG controls

Presenting the new AcroMetrix® CT/NG Control from Life Technologies. For laboratories in need of quality controls for CT/NG testing, this control provides labs with the convenience of a one-stop shop provider and offers higher assurance in your testing results. Start running your tests with higher confidence using the new CT/NG controls from Life Technologies.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use

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EZQC™ Online

Presenting the new AcroMetrix® QC solution–EZQC™ Online
from Life Technologies. EZQC™ Online helps cut verification and
validation testing time from 58 days to as few as 2 days, grants labs the ability to quickly troubleshoot with peer comparison features, and can seamlessly integrate all your lab’s key QC activities. Whether your lab wants to dramatically reduce costs, boost its revenue, enhance productivity, or gain a competitive edge, EZQC™ Online can help your lab achieve those goals.

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