The right therapy starts with the right test

As an oncologist, you know that precision oncology is the future of cancer care, and it's made possible by broad genetic profiling. Since 73% of drugs in the oncology pipeline are in some way associated with biomarkers, it's importance is only going to increase.

And the way we test can directly influence patients outcomes. It is crucial that you get complete biomarker information in time to help you make the best therapeutical decisions for your patient, even if only small sample was available. There is often no time to waste for biopsies and waiting for the results.

Therefore, we are proud to introduce the new Oncomine Dx Target Test, the first CE IVD NGS based solution for detection of 46 cancer driver genes variants, including key biomarkers that are relevant to currently approved and investigative targeted therapies in solid tumour, from one sample, in 4 days.

The variants include key biomarkers associated with approved targeted therapies, and also those currently in clinical trials such as NTRK, EGFR exon 20 insertions, ERBB2, RET, Met exon 14 skipping and others.

If you couldn't make it to ESMO, or did attend and want to learn more you can keep in touch to follow whats going on here.

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