As of October 1, 2015, the Lerner brand portfolio will merge with the Thermo Scientific™ portfolio. We will continue to ship orders for Lerner products until our inventory is depleted.

We recognize the importance of continuity within laboratory settings and are pleased to let you know that the Thermo Scientific products below are available as direct substitutes for every Lerner item. All of these substitutes are chemically identical to the corresponding Lerner products. They will perform the same and, in most cases, have only minor variation in pricing.

Please see the table below for a list of affected products and their substitutes.

We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

Product codeDescriptionReplacement
44063Prefill, Saccomanno, 120ML, 125/CS76160
44062Fix, Saccomanno, Lerner, 3.8L, 1GL76161
412123Fixative, Decal, 4x1LT8340
1931493Stain, Eosin, Lerner, 1GL, 3.8L6766008
1931463Stain, OG-6, Lerner, 3.8L, 1GL75211
1931462Stain, OG-6, Lerner, 4x1PT75204
1931453Stain,EA-65,Lerner, 1GL, 3.8L6766004
1931452Stain,EA-65,Lerner, 4x1PT6766003
1931443Stain, EA-50, Lerner, 3.8, 1GL75511
1931442Stain, EA-50, Lerner, 4x1PT75504
1931433Stain, HemaGill3, Lerner, 1GL, 3.8L6765010
1931432Stain, HemaGill3, Lerner, 4x1PT6765009
1931423Stain, Bluing, Lerner, 3.8LT (1GL)6769002
1931422Stain, Bluing, Lerner, 4x1PT6769001
1931413Stain, Hema Gill 2, Lerner, 1GL6765008
1931412Stain, Hema Gill 2, Lerner, 4x1PT6765007
1931403Stain, Hema Gill, Lerner, 1GL6765006
1931402Stain, Hema Gill, Lerner, 4x1PT6765005
1931395Stain, DifferentiatingSol, Lerner, 3.8LT74211
1931393Stain, HarrisHema, NonAcid, Lerner, 1GL6765001
1931392Stain, HarrisHema, NonAcid, Lerner, 4x1PT6765002
1931383Stain, HarrisHema, Acid, Lerner, 1GL6765004
1931382Stain, HarrisHema, Acid, Lerner, 4x1PT6765003

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If you have any questions regarding the transition or if we can be of assistance in any way, please feel free to contact our customer service department at (800) 522-7270 option 1 or email a customer service representative.