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DNA End Repair MixA14321$3.204% View product
Heat Inactivated Alkaline PhosphataseA14322$80.7351% View product
TA Cloning® Kit with pCR™2.1 Vector, without Competent CellsK2020-20$13.866% View product
Zero Blunt® PCR Cloning Kit without Chemically Competent E. coliK2750-20$12.256% View product
subcloning efficiency DH5a18265-017$11.05 14% View product
LB Broth Base, Powder (Lennox L Broth Base)12780-052$14.7317% View product
Geneticin® (G418 Sulfate), Powder 5g11811031$101.8227% View product
Geneticin® (G418 Sulfate), 50mg/ml Solution 100mL10131027$116.4924% View product
X-Gal 1g15520018$30.3213% View product
IPTG (Dioxane-Free) 5gAM9464$36.7023% View product
ExpressLink™ T4 DNA Ligase 30rxnA13726$3.944% View product