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Introductory offer on TOPO® Cloning kits - 50% Discount

Order any 10 rxn size of TOPO® TA Cloning® Kit or Zero Blunt® TOPO® Cloning kit


Clone PCR-amplified DNA fragments (blunt or A-overhang) directly into a choice of over 40 subcloning, sequencing, or expression vectors in just 5 minutes.

  • Quick—avoid inefficient ligation and laborious searches for appropriate restriction enzymes
  • Efficient—minimize colony screening by obtaining up to 95% recombinant clones
  • Troubleshooting tool- enables you to clone fragments impossible with ligation

 Select TOPO® cloning today and see why it's cited in over 15,000 publications.


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Competent Cell offers - 50% Discount

Introductory offer on easy to use OneShot® Format of Competent Cells.


The unique One Shot® format provides 50 μl aliquots of chemically competent cells in single-use tubes. Transformation is performed directly in the tube, saving you time and effort. There kits eliminate:

  • Extra pipetting steps,
  • Extra tubes
  • Loss of efficiency due to repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

These kits come with SOC medium and pUC19 positive control.


We would like to give you an introductory offer to test these out for yourself - 50% Discount until December 31st, 2011.


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Rxn Size 
One Shot® TOP10 Chemically Competent cellsC40401010 rxnorder now