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Life Technologies is dedicated to supporting plant research with its innovative and robust tools and technologies. As a service to consortia and special interest groups, we have collaborated with leading research organizations to develop custom TaqMan® SNP assay collection around important crop species’ markers. These assays are now available to the public at special pricing and can be ordered through Life Technologies.

New! Wheat:
In collaboration with the University of Bristol, a collection of approximately 4,800 TaqMan® SNP assays has been developed for varietal markers within the Cereals Data Base maintained by the Functional Genomics Group at the University of Bristol. The database includes SNP markers covering 169 wheat varieties, and was a result of a project undertaken to mine the UK wheat germplasm for varietal SNPs. Information on genetic relationships among individuals is important to plant breeders for line and hybrid development.

The assays exist as part of the Custom TaqMan® SNP Assay collection. A master list is provided for download below to search for markers of interest using either SNP IDs or map locations. Worth noting is that the TaqMan® Assay designs cover the majority of the core marker set of 960 SNPs selected to be evenly distributed (and where possible co-dominant and polymorphic) across the genome using the Avalon x Cadenza genetic map. The core set is identified in the master file. The master file is an excel document with filters that make searching very easy. Markers of interest can be ordered using the Assay IDs provided in the excel document. Orders should be placed via Quick Order using Assay IDs and a non-human Custom TaqMan® SNP Assay part number. The following part numbers are compatible with the wheat collection:

Catalog # - Non HumanSize
4332077Small; 1,500 reactions: 40x
4332075Medium; 5,000 reactions: 40x
4332076Large; 12,000 reactions: 80x

IMPORTANT: Special assay pricing is available for these markers. Please contact before ordering to receive a heavy discount.  
As standard Custom TaqMan SNP Assays, the assays should be run using the standard SNP assay protocol. An AIF file is provided below to help facilitate analysis using Genotyper software. The file can be imported directly into Genotyper to populate assay information into the tool.

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Download wheat master file

Download AIF file

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