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To enter the weekly draw for a personalised DNA Portrait simply add the ITEM: PRIZE to your order when you purchase any of our DNA essentials online through This will ensure that your order will be placed in the draw for that week.

Remember there are no limits to the number of times you can enter - every order over £500 can be included so order through today.

This is an online promotion and orders must be placed through to qualify.

As seen on

CSI: New York –NBC
DNA 11's DNA Portrait is featured as a central part of an episode of CSI:NY. It was viewed by over 13 million people in the US and millions more worldwide.

BBC – James May's 20th Century
James May-co-presenter on Top Gear-brought us into the minds of British and European viewers on his show called: "James May's 20th Century" on BBC. We were honored when they asked us to create a special portrait for James.

Valid Products

  • All PCR Products
  • All dNTPs
  • All DNA Markers and Ladders
  • All DNA Primers
  • All PCR Gels (including, agarose, buffers, stains and EGels)
  • DNA Purification Products
  • Agarose

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