Traditionally, flow cytometers have not performed well with large clumpy samples as they often resulted in system clogging leading to sample loss, project delays and a need for significant monitoring of instrument runs.

Invitrogen Attune NxT flow cytometer is designed to be different from a “pressurized cytometer” and maximally reduces the risk of clogging, protecting your precious samples.

The Attune NxT Flow Cytometer:

  • Operates at a higher pressure than non-syringe driven systems, 75 PSI as compared to a max pressure of 15PSI for pressurized systems
  • Holds a larger flow cell: 200 µm in diameter
  • Runs diluted samples with less likelihood of cell-cell interactions resulting in cell masses that then clog the system—without compromising acquisition speed

Minimize the hassle, frustration and sample loss associated with a clogged instrument—investigate difficult samples and large, clumpy cells including cancer cells, cardiomyocytes and adipocytes, previously not amenable to flow cytometry, bringing high-throughput statistical analysis to an increasing number of sample types.

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