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SampleSorcerers help advance cancer research with the ability to finally get meaningful results from archived and degraded samples.
Bioinfomagicians analyze NGS data so much easier by helping to find the biological meaning of variants quicker than ever with pushbutton workflows.
Next-generation sequencing is easier for SeqWizards who are enabled to get more information, more cost-effectively, using simple streamlined workflows.
The power to design and run gene research panels quickly and simply enables GeneGenies to get to the variants that matter faster.




I'm a GeneGenie

Do you need to perform variant analysis of 100 to 1000s of gnes from as little as 10 ng nucleic acid?

Your wish has been granted.

I get to the variants that matter, faster, with the power to design and run gene panels quickly and simply.

Stories from GeneGenies

  • Watch Dr. Peter Ray discuss CFTR analysis using data generated on the Ion PGM™ and Sanger sequencing platforms.
  • Listen to Dr. Marcel Nelen describe the results of the collaborative networks for Ion AmpliSeq™ BRCA and Colon/Lung Cancer Research panels.
  • Find out how Dr. Jeremy Stuart is using single-gene to whole-exome sequencing for translational research.
  • See how Dr. Christian Marshall is using whole-exome sequencing for detection of relevant variants for research in rare disordersSolutions for GeneGenies.

Solutions for GeneGenies


Featured products

The Ion Torrent™ Personal Genome Machine® (PGM) System, enables human disease researchers to detect variants by targeted gene sequencing in cancer research and genetic disorders, and microbiologists to easily type a bacteria or virus, or characterize novel microbes. Now, more laboratories can adopt powerful next-generation sequencing technology to help get answers faster—with increased throughput, higher accuracy, and a simple workflow from sample preparation to data analysis.

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Ion AmpliSeq™ technology enables simple and fast library construction for targeted sequencing using as little as 10 ng of DNA or 5 ng of RNA input. Choose from a range of cancer and disease research panels or design custom panels using any reference genome and the free online Ion AmpliSeq™ Designer tool. Combined with Ion Reporter™ Software for variant identification and annotation, Ion Torrent™ products offer a streamlined end-to-end research solution for targeted sequencing using the Ion PGM™ or Ion Proton™ systems.

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