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Today’s work environment looks very different than several months ago. Don’t let cost control measures stand in the way of getting your work done. Accessing the power of affordable and versatile FTIR, FT-NIR, Raman and UV-Vis solutions is easier than ever with flexible financing options and special offers. Upgrading instrumentation can be done economically, without sacrificing functionality or quality.

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Nicolet Summit FTIR Spectrometer

Ideal for QA/QC and teaching labs

  • Identify, verify, and quantify materials faster than before
  • Low cost of ownership with 10-year warranty on the interferometer, laser, and source
  • Full WiFi capabilities and free cloud-based software perfect for remote data collection and analysis

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Chemical • Polymer • Pharmaceutical • Academic Teaching • Automotive • Food & Beverage • Gemstones • Environmental

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Flexible financing available.

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Nicolet iN5 FTIR Microscope

Ideal for QA/QC and teaching labs

  • Easy - walk up and use, after 10 minutes of training
  • Fast - point-and-shoot operation provides answers in minutes
  • Reliable – sophisticatedly simple design ensures it is always ready and maintenance free
  • Functional – obtain visual and infrared data simultaneously


  • Environmental – detection and identification of microplastics
  • Food safety – identify contaminants in food products
  • Manufacturing – deformulate paints, identify polymers and defects in plastics or other manufactured materials
  • Academia - broaden your students’ experiences by exposing them to technology they will encounter in the work force

Flexible financing available.

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Antaris II FT-NIR Spectrometer

Ideal for laboratory, near-line, on-line quality control analysis 

Advantages of Antaris FT-NIR total solution

  • Fast – a rapid alternative to time-consuming, solvent intensive, wet-chemistry methods and HPLC/GC
  • High Performance - highest spectral resolution in class ensures better specificity for pharmaceutical APIs and fine chemicals
  • Consistency - designed and built to provide the best system-to-system repeatability for method transfer which reduces process scale-up costs
  • Method ownership & management - sophisticated TQ Analyst chemometric and RESULT workflow development software empower users to build, deploy and manage methods


  • Pharmaceutical – Complete qualification and 21 CFR 11 data security for GMP environments
  • Chemical/polymer – Raw material identification, reaction monitoring, and finished product quality control
  • Semiconductor – Chemical reagent quality monitoring
  • Food/Beverage – Ingredient origin and grading, fermentation control, nutritional content quality control

Flexible financing available.

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iXR Raman Spectrometer

Ideal for research, product development and manufacturing

Why Raman spectroscopy?

  • Provides unique spectral fingerprint to enable chemical identification
  • Reveals morphology and changes including phase transformations of a matrix
  • Highly sensitive to carbon nanomaterials, their physical states, and chemical functionalization
  • An essential analytical tool for materials research

Industrial applications:
Nanotechnology • Materials science research • Academic research • Pharmaceutical • Geology • Life Science/Bio-materials • Polymers • Automotive/Aerospace • Cosmetics

New sampling accessories available.

Flexible financing available.

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GENESYS 50 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Ideal for teaching labs, research labs and industrial QC

  • Start taking measurements immediately with the simple-to-use, high-resolution, color-display start menu
  • Exchange samples with ease with large, accessible sample compartment
  • Save your data fast any way you want it with multiple data-export options

GENESYS 50 is a dual beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer in a single-cell configuration that meets all the specifications for critical quality control applications and precise chemical measurements.

Save 15% when you purchase a purchase a GENESYS 50 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.

Flexible financing available.

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