Built for the Lab. Built for IT. Why compromise?

Built for Enterprise. Built for Productivity. Why Compromise?

Bridging the gap between IT standardization pains and lab operational gains, Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.3 Chromatography Data System (CDS) is the first CDS software to offer significant productivity advances to the laboratory (up to 33%*). It also delivers everything that IT system administrators need AND makes it easier than ever to meet evolving regulatory compliance and data integrity requirements. Standardize your systems with up-to-date technology while leveraging smart features that deliver more ‘right first time’ analyses, driving efficiency and faster return-on-investment. All without compromise.

* Based in direct head-to-head workflow analysis with competitive software and Chromeleon 7.2.10 CDS

Meeting the needs of both the Lab and IT: Chromeleon 7.3 CDS benefits

For lab managers

  • Improved lab productivity
    Do more with less and realize significant productivity gains – learn more
  • More ‘right first time’ results
    Reduced out-of-specification results, even for non-expert users – learn more
  • Easier compliance
    Keep up with ever-evolving standards and regulations – learn more

For IT system administrators

  • Reduced cost for faster return-on-investment
    Standardize your system for reduced costs and improved efficiency
  • Seamless scalability from workstation to global enterprise
    Centrally deploy, maintain, and manage your CDS with local, regional, or cloud data centers – learn more
  • Efficient, long-term stability
    Built-in business continuity with industry-leading data security tools

Chromeleon 7.3 CDS: Additional features and benefits

(Bio)pharmaceutical QA/QC or Development lab manager

Continually deliver results with reduced downtime and up to 33% increased efficiency

Fewer failed runs and out of specification results through:

  • Built-in troubleshooting and diagnostics test sequences for the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Core HPLC to quickly analyze, troubleshoot, and repair common instrument issues, minimizing downtime
  • Pre-injection sequence ready checks with active solvent level monitoring for Vanquish Core HPLC instruments to eliminate failed runs
  • Real-time in-run evaluation of SST with Intelligent Run Control result-based reactions for more ‘right first time’ runs
  • Enhanced universal eWorkflow™ procedures simplify adherence to your SOPs
  • Spreadsheet-based report templates to calculate the final results inside the CDS

Workflow support for dedicated (bio)pharmaceutical workflows

Chromeleon CDS provides native control of Thermo Scientific Mass Spectrometry (MS) and MS/MS instruments (for GC, HPLC, and IC front ends) and workflow support for targeted MS-based quantitation with support for lot release testing of intact and digested proteins, and LC-MS/MS-based pharmaceutical bioanalysis quantitation support.

New functions added to existing compliance and LC-MS/MS quantitation features:

Learn more about Chromeleon CDS features for productivity and efficiency ›

(Petro)chemical lab manager

When productivity and cost efficiency are key to successful lab operation you need a single software package running the entire lab with 24/7 uptime operation. Chromeleon 7.3 CDS offers features specifically designed to deliver complete system stability, ease of use, instrument selection flexibility, and a set of productivity-enhancing tools that are developed to support the needs of laboratories in the chemical and petrochemical industry.

On-demand webinar: Discover CDS Solutions for (Petro)Chemical Workflows

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Flexibility to work with the chromatographic instrumentation of your choice

  • Over 525 chromatography instrument modules, including over 30 GC systems
  • Control of Agilent Technologies’ latest generation of GC instrumentation, including the Agilent 9000 Intuvo, 8860, and 8890 GC instruments

New productivity-enhancing features

  • View real-time status for up to 10 instruments per user
  • Setup and initiate injections in just two mouse clicks
  • Access instrument setup, data acquisition, and data review from a single screen
  • Easily configure default acquisition and processing methods, report templates, and views
  • Benefit from automated labeling of expected but undetected components
IT manager or system administrator

Chromeleon 7.3 CDS is designed to deliver cost-effectiveness for your infrastructure and minimize upkeep efforts. It provides unlimited scalability, enabling protocol standardization even in GxP regulated environments, performance optimization for WAN environments, and a complete set of capabilities for unattended, centralized deployment and updating.

Cost-effective deployment and maintenance

  • Support for full virtualization with new dongle-free licensing
  • Fully tested and documented support for cloud deployment
  • New Thermo Scientific 247 Instrument Controller eliminates the need for antivirus or operating system-driven updates
  • Central management and automated updates from within Chromeleon CDS

Security and scalability

  • Secure storage of all results in a relational Database (Oracle OR Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Chromeleon Data Vault and domain architecture enables additional storage and redundancy as the number of users and/or uptime grows
  • Performance tested and optimized for 1,000+ users and instruments
  • Industry-leading Network Failure Protection for business continuity in case of network or resource outage
Compliance and validation manager

Built for compliance from the ground up, Chromeleon 7.3 CDS enables you to meet the latest regulatory requirements and still improve productivity. It offers QA/QC labs the gold standard in compliance and data integrity, reducing time spent on correcting out-of-specification deviations and giving you audit safety.

Compliance without compromise

  • Periodic audit trail review capabilities, as set by the US FDA in 2018
  • eWorkflow™ procedures streamline sequence creation and ensure users follow your SOPs while delivering proven efficiency gains
  • Automated reactions to pass/fail decisions during runs with Intelligent Run Control to get the analysis right the first time
  • Secure, administrator-controlled user access and permissions to ensure data integrity and enable compliance with GxP and 21 CFR Part 11


Chromeleon 7.3 CDS can help your validation efforts go smoothly with built-in Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) tools for the software as well as select Thermo Fisher hardware components. The built-in Performance Qualification (PQ) tools allow for periodic checks to verify the software and hardware are working as intended.

The extensive audit trails in Chromeleon 7.3 CDS capture the who, what, when and why of actions performed, a vital requirement of validation activities. The powerful and easy-to-use audit trail search capabilities aid in the documentation of critical validation steps.

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