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The challenges of routine analytical testing labs are growing at an unprecedented rate. Now, more than ever, the ability for a contract laboratory to respond quickly and accurately to the world’s growing needs can no longer be just a long-term goal - it has to be a daily reality.

Meeting those challenges cannot be accomplished alone. It takes the collective power and partnership of a team that is ready to fulfill the immediate testing needs of today while also having the resources to prepare solutions for the future.

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BECAUSE … your values are our passion

Success in routine and third-party contract testing revolves around the ability to deliver the same consistent, quality results as smaller, specialty laboratories, but in much greater numbers. In many cases the routine lab requires faster turnaround times and greater quality control measures in order to meet and exceed requirements and guidelines. And it all needs to be accomplished while keeping costs in line with the ever-changing economic landscape for both you and communities you serve.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has the workflows, methods and technology to keep you successful today while ensuring you will be ready for the future.


"It met all of our expectations … and improved our productivity overall."


"Thermo Fisher Scientific’s approach to customer service is really at the highest level."


"We trust Thermo Fisher Scientific to give us the support that we need."

BECAUSE … your routine is our specialty

The strength of routine testing is the ability to offer a greater depth of testing solutions within a growing expanse of industries and applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed dedicated scientific teams in order to specialize in the unique methods, workflows and technology you need to serve the industries and agencies that depend upon your laboratory.

BECAUSE … our technology never stops advancing

A partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific gives you the collective power of technology, methods and workflows to serve a wider range of industries and applications – ensuring you and the communities you serve are completely confident in the results.

Let’s find a solution …together

Our dedicated teams of technology, workflow and methodology experts are ready to find a solution to any of the challenges you face. From increasing productivity and lower costs to method development and transfer. We have the resources to make your job easier.

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