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Effective partnerships are built on trust and mutual understanding of requirements necessary to achieve a common goal. Thermo Fisher Scientific understands the diverse constraints and challenges that come with operating a contract laboratory business and successfully meeting customer expectations We’re prepared with the most comprehensive laboratory capabilities, the support to meet everyday demands and the focused attention needed to help overcome barriers to your labs success.

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There are opportunities to collaborate in every phase of your laboratory business


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The strength of your contract testing lab is the ability to offer a greater depth of testing solutions within a growing expanse of industries and applications. Thermo Fisher Scientific has developed dedicated scientific teams in order to better partner with the unique methods, workflows and technologies you need to serve the industries and agencies that depend upon your business.

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Our dedicated teams of technology, workflow and methodology experts are ready to find a solution to any of the challenges you face. From increasing productivity and lower costs to method development and transfer. We have the resources to make your job easier.

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