Food safety standards change and evolve

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Ensuring the safety of the world’s food supply is critical, but there are concerns about the safety of global food supply chains because food can:

  • Be grown and processed in widely differing environments under a variety of regulatory frameworks
  • Travel thousands of miles and handled by many different operators
    and people
  • Experience various storage conditions with temperature fluctuations that may affect shelf life

At any point in the process, products may become contaminated and unfit for consumption. Whether you are ensuring regulatory compliance or enhancing nutrition, our food safety testing solutions strengthen the entire food chain so you can deliver the uncompromised food products that consumers worldwide expect and deserve.

Solutions for food safety testing

Thermo Scientific can provide comprehensive workflow solutions, based on mass spectrometry (MS) coupled to ion chromatography (IC), liquid chromatography (HPLC), and gas chromatography (GC) for the analysis of residues and contaminants. Add Inorganic mass spectrometry (ICP-MS and IRMS) for the analysis of trace elements and isotopic ratios, molecular spectroscopy, discrete analyzers, software, data management and more, and you can see that we can help you meet all of your food safety analysis challenges, today and in the future.

Food safety webinars

Join this webinar to find out how LC- and GC-, with Orbitrap MS detection, were used to successfully meet the complex analytical challenge of the detection and identification of NIAS in migration studies carried out according to standard protocols established by the EU.

Food safety applications ebook

Helping food professionals ensure food safety

Our comprehensive technology portfolio offers the sensitivity, selectivity, flexibility and innovation needed to maximize analytical scope for discovery analysis, along with the robustness required for routine applications in proven 24/7 operation.

We understand your goal is protecting public health and recognize that you may have unique requirements for your food laboratory; we provide the solutions to enable you to achieve high-confidence in the results, faster, at the lowest possible cost.


Our solutions ensure food regulatory compliance, product quality, and brand protection.

Regulators and governments

We provide tools for establishing standards and monitoring adherence to food regulations.

Helping food professionals ensure food safety

Research and academia

Our technological innovations and new approaches enable discovery.

Contract testing laboratories

We can help you achieve efficiencies and increased throughput for better business results for your food analysis laboratory.

Testing for targeted and non-targeted residues and contaminants in complex food matrices is challenging. It must be quick and simple and identifying these contaminants is a challenging experiment, whether its pesticide residues testing, food contact materials testing, analysis of persistent organic pollutants in food or veterinary drug residues testing, allergens or trace elements.

Discover and learn how the Thermo Fisher Scientific comprehensive technology portfolio can help you with screening and quantification workflows, to ensure the safety of ingredients and finished goods, from the point of origin to the point of consumption. Deliver results quickly with high-confidence, enabling contaminated food to be identified and quarantined, thus ensuring that only safe food is brought to the market. Food safety matters.

Resources for food safety analysis