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Did you know that most gas chromatographs or GCs are still based on the same 50-year-old technology? Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the first and only truly modular GC with innovative and award winning technology. Welcome to the 21st Century... finally.

Whether your research involves in food safety, pesticide residues, petrochemicals, or environmental testing and analysis, there is an innovative Thermo Scientific instrument to meet your GC, GC-MS or GC-MS/MS needs. We have stand-alone, single quadrupole and triple quadrupole GC systems that feature modular GC detectors and GC injectors to keep you up and running as never before.

Automate the GC workflow—from sample preparation to results

From sample preparation and advanced sampling handling functions, to modern GC systems, quality columns and state-of-the-art reporting, these solutions are used by food, environmental, pharmaceutical, industrial and other fields to improve manufacturing processes and protect people and the environment from harmful contaminants.

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GC-MS answers the rigorous demands of the most challenging applications

Thermo Scientific gas chromatography mass spectrometry systems provide complete solutions to the most challenging applications. Combined with productivity enhancing software, our advanced GC-MS instruments empower you to meet your application's most stringent requirements for performance, reliability, and value.

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Thermo Scientific future-proofs your investment with instrument modularity combined with powerful software tools — a guarantee for quick customizations for added selectivity, throughput, and flexibility.

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