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The Lab-Forward Trade-In Program is all about making your trade-in as seamless as possible. When it comes to IC, the right suppressor can make a big difference in the operation of your system and the quality of your results. Without a high-quality suppressor, the highly concentrated eluents needed to displace ions of interest create high levels of noise, masking the analyte signal. The invention of the suppressor ushered in a new era of ionic determinations by radically reducing the background noise and enhancing the analyte signal.

We’ve been at the forefront of every suppressor innovation since 1975. From the original packed bed suppressor to an electrolytic suppressor that uses water and eliminates the need to handle corrosive reagent solutions altogether, we have a suppressor that meets your needs. For a limited time, we’re including a free replacement suppressor of your choice when you trade in a qualifying instrument.

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