Bring new energy to your lab


Bring new energy to your lab

When the world changes, your lab needs to be able react and adapt. With exclusive financing solutions, industry-leading instrumentation and the full support of a global company at your back, there has never been a better time to energize your lab with the power of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Reach out to one of our sales representatives today to see how we can help you prepare your lab for what’s next.

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Power up your lab with flexible financing

Power up your lab with flexible financing

We won’t let budgetary constraints hold you back from making the essential equipment purchases you need to grow your lab. At Thermo Fisher Scientific, we are uniquely positioned to offer a wide range of financial and leasing services. Whether you would benefit from a deferred payment plan, one of our leasing options or interest-free financing, our financing experts can put together a payment plan that works for you.

No-Interest Program

Up to 12 months of interest-free financing.

Deferred Payment Program

Purchase the instruments you need now without having to worry about payments
for up to 12 months.

Extended Terms Agreement

Spread out the cost of new instruments by adding up to nine months
to your payment window. 

Emerging Credit Program

A structured lease program for development-stage companies designed
to help conserve capital.

All-Inclusive Lease Program

One convenient monthly payment that includes equipment, consumables,
service agreements and financing.

Short-term rentals

Rent an instrument from us to fill a short-term need.

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Are you ready for what’s next?

Chemical, oil and gas industries have new opportunities to adapt and continue to grow even when experiencing volatility. To help you prepare your lab for 2021, you can invest now with little to no immediate financial impact while taking advantage of exclusive promotions on premium service plans and extended warranties. Get ready for what’s next by lining your bench with the latest advancements in GC and ICP instrumentations. 

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A few more reasons why it’s a great time to switch

Extended warranty

Extended warranty

Ensure peace of mind with our extended warranty options for GC and ICP instruments.

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Premier service contract

You can count on our premier service contract to keep your lab productive and running with 50 percent faster response times and 30 percent less instrument downtime.

Method transfer support

Method transfer support

We understand that accurate method transfer is critical to the success of your new instruments. When you purchase a new instrument from us, we’ll support you through the entire process.

Put the power of Thermo Fisher to work in your lab

Put the power of Thermo Fisher to work in your lab

When you choose to partner with us, you’re choosing to back your lab with the power of a long-standing global company. We’re also the only manufacturer with a comprehensive chromatography and mass spectrometry portfolio, and it’s comprised of some of the most advanced scientific instruments in the industry. Our primary commitment is to developing instruments at the forefront of technology. However, we are equally committed to helping remove as many barriers of entry to our technology as possible by providing extensive training support and exclusive promotions.



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