Maintaining a Competitive Edge in an MS Core Facility

Increase your Core Lab’s productivity and profitability with powerful MS solutions

In the last decade, Proteomics laboratories have been at the forefront of cutting edge biological research. Researchers have realized the importance of proteins and the roles that these biomolecules play as disease markers, drug targets and therapeutic agents. Mass Spectrometry Core laboratories have democratized the field of Proteomics by providing access to state-of-the-art instrumentation, enabling students, fellows, and faculty researchers to study protein pathways, characterize post-translational modifications and profile protein expressions.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has been there for this community from the beginning with our proven scientific network and pioneering solutions. Our industry-leading breadth in liquid chromatographic separations, combined with the technical depth of our mass spectrometry (MS) systems and consumables, together have provided Core Lab researchers with reproducible results for high-impact discoveries.




A trusted partner to increase your lab’s productivity and profitability

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leader in the life sciences industry. We are committed to providing pioneering systems-wide proteomics solutions to address the challenges a mass spectrometry core lab faces. We’re happy to discuss solutions that can put great science into your hands and into those of your community.