Cytomat 2 C-LiN automated incubators

Cytomat 2 C-LiN automated incubators series

  • Wide temperature ranges available
  • Mean access time below 12 seconds
  • Automated decontamination routine with ContraCon
  • Controlled humidity through Hydra-Smart technology
  • TRUE Orbital Shaking control

Incubation without compromise

Unrivaled speed

Unrivaled speed

The fastest incubators in its class, with a mean access time of 12 seconds. Full control of speed settings at an individual plate level.

Assured decontamination

Assured decontamination

Thermo Scientific Cytomat 2 incubators have a fully automated ContraCon thermal decontamination routine, well established in tens of thousands of HeraCell incubators throughout the world and other Cytomats

Precise humidity control

Precise humidity control

Hyrdra-Smart technology for controlled humidity and an external water reservoir for maximum convenience and minimal contamination risk.

Expanded temperature range

Expanded temperature range

Incubators and storage solutions covering a range of temperatures, including the fastest available wide temperature range unit (4-70 ⁰C) in its class.

Easy everyday use

Easy everyday use

5” LED glove-friendly display with intuitive operation. Read-out messaging and warning alerts.

Flexible solution

Flexible solution

Suitable for bench top and under bench. Multiple loading/unloading location options.

One product series for every application

From random ambient, through low temperature and room incubation, to 37 ⁰C incubation and hybridization, the Cytomat 2 automated incubator offers the broadest set of capabilities for incubation and storage.


Cytomat 2 C

Cytomat 2 C425

Cytomat 2 C450

Cytomat 2 C470

Controlled temperature range(Ambient + 10 °C) - 50 °C4 - 25 °C4 - 50 °C4 - 70 °C
Low temperature storage 
Room temperature incubation 
Biochemical assays
Cell assays 
Short term incubation
Tower shaker control 

Flexibility for all solutions

Wide range of transfer station

Standard transfer station

Supplies the microplate in portrait format. A 90⁰ turntable version is also available for presentation in landscape format.

Linear transfer station

Available in different lengths (300, 400, 500 and customized) for extended reach. Delivers the microplate in portrait format, with further options for landscape presentation or lateral movement.

Swap station (180⁰)

180⁰ turntable swap station to accelerate your handling process.

Plate life for under-bench solution

Stepper motor driven (SMD) technology offers microplate movement to a predefined height within a 500mm stroke.

Options for your precise requirements

Precise humidity control

Hydra-Smart ultrasonic vaporizer technology for controlled humidity and an external water reservoir for maximum convenience and minimal contamination risk.

Solid copper – antimicrobial material

Easy to maintain. Durability, reliability, and recyclability makes copper a smart, sustainable choice providing long service life and safe for cultured cells.

TRUE orbital shaking technology

Produces ideal growth conditions for cells requiring consistent TRUE orbital shaking.

TRUE orbital shaking

The Thermo Scientific Cytomat 2 automated incubator with Tower Shaker is the only solution that providesTRUE orbital shaking. It is ideal for applications requiring sample agitation and cells that need to be kept in suspension.

The synchronized dual magnetic drive system (located at the bottom and top) ensures consistent shaking amplitude across all microplates without being affected by load, position or number of plates.

Bacterial growth consistency over the entire two stackers (bottom to top) of the Tower Shaking option

Bacterial growth consistency over the entire two stackers (bottom to top) of the Tower Shaking option

Key applications

  • Cell Culture (mammalian)
  • Microbial Culture
  • Genomics
  • Biologics
  • Luminex (ELISA, Biomarkers)


  • Drug Discovery
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Life Science Research
  • Diagnostics

The graph shows optimum bacterial growth with the dual magnetic drive system across all plates (green line; standard deviation 2.7%). In comparison, the technology with only bottom drive shaking reveals inconsistent actual growth (standard deviation 10.1%).

Tower Shaker features

Tower Shaker features

  • Active microplate clamp mechanism secures plate and lid separately; no abrasions of the microplates during shaking
  • Mix and match standard and Tower Shaker stacker for maximum flexibility for assay adoption
  • Inductive wear-free driving mechanism allows for no particle emission or belts to change
  • Superior shaking technology with individual speed settings for each Tower Shaker from 100-1200 rpm with oscillating amplitude of 3mm (2mm option) offers a wide range of application setups

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