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It has been a challenging year so far.

Lockdown, home office, work restrictions and many uncertainties down the road. As lockdown restictions are eased, new obstacles arise in re-starting, maintaining and regaining analytical capacity.

You are not alone. Hear about the challenges users are facing in the lab.

Richard Spence, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Keep your lab operational

Maintaining equipment or expanding a laboratory currently can be  a challenge. Instruments might require unexpected repair or you may need to add capacity to meet demand. Find out about solutions that help you to keep your lab moving forward in this changing environment.

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Get work done remotely

In this uncertain time, remote working and social distancing may impact your work and laboratory productivity. But does it really have to? Find out about solutions and technological developments that help keep your lab fully operational and highly productive today, tomorrow and in the future.

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Away from the lab?

Explore our collection of resources to help keep your research momentum going. Find webinars, e-learning courses, application notes, videos and more.

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Did your research pivot to support COVID-19?

Find SARS-CoV-2 end-to-end research solutions, from pathogen detection and epidemiological studies to potential vaccine development.

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Keep your lab operational and be more efficient while reducing the time physically spent at the bench

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Recently recorded webinars

  • How remote diagnosis tools and augmented reality speed up system diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Exploit remote operations features in chromatography software and be productive working from home.
  • How to avoid potential non-compliance with regulatory guidelines in challenging times.
  • Advanced GC technology to maintain productivity in pandemic emergency 
  • How to rely on productivity of your HPLC system during pandemic
  • European Business Continuity for Your Laboratory Webinars, in French, Italian and German
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  • Business Continuity for Your Laboratory webinars:
    • Part 1: The Importance of a Business Continuity Plan
    • Part 2: Architectural Resilience
    • Part 3: 24/7 Operation 
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  • Running a Commercial ISO 17025 POPs lab during a Pandemic. 
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