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Get Work Done Remotely

Get Work Done Remotely

In this uncertain time, remote working and social distancing may impact your work and laboratory productivity. But does it really have to?

Find out about solutions and technological developments that help keep your lab fully operational and highly productive today, tomorrow and in the future.

Almanac Instrument Monitoring and Management

Simplify your instrument management. Review and share instrument history, stay updated on current acquisition status, and prepare for what’s next all from one accessible productivity tool.

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Chromatography consumables available online

We know that you still have to enter the lab to work with the consumables. But at least finding information and (re-)ordering is made easy and convenient. Find & purchase your chromatography columns and consumables online.

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Cloud-based technologies for mass spectrometry

Cloud-based technologies can connect pieces of hardware, access the latest information to aid in processing large and complex datasets and obtain deeper insights into our data.

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