Premier HPLC & UHPLC Columns

We've got a column for that!

Solve your separation challenge with your new favorite column. Bringing you Thermo Scientific Accucore, Acclaim, and Hypersil GOLD premier HPLC and UHPLC columns, which feature:

  • High resolution, high pressure UHPLC and HPLC columns
  • A 40-year legacy of innovation
  • Unmatched variety of chemistries, particle sizes, and column formats
  • From the most popular C18 phases, to innovative mixed mode chemistries, we have the right column for your separation needs
  • Long lifetime and reproducible
  • The broadest range of solid core columns on the market

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Solid core for high resolution




  • Fast separation on limited sample volume
  • Increased sensitivity using standard HPLC
  • High resolution without elevated backpressure


Fully porous for complicated samples




  • Complex mixtures
  • Higher resolution
  • More phases, more choices

Hypersil GOLD

Fully porous for simple samples




  • Great starter columns
  • Fast method development
  • Great for general analyses


Venn diagram of overlaps between column types

Understanding Diversity in HPLC Chromatography Chemistries

Learn how to choose your HPLC chemistry

  • What’s the best column to maximize your productivity?
  • Understanding the wide spectrum of selectivities
  • Superficially porous vs. fully porous packing material
  • Unique phases for challenging sample mixtures

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Accucore HPLC & UHPLC Columns

Discover more

  • High resolution separation on rugged solid core (superficially porous) particles
  • Fast and easy analyses with a wide selection of chemistries
  • Increased sensitivity on a standard HPLC system
  • Compatible with almost any instrument
  • An excellent return on investment

15 Accucore chemistries to choose from

Diagram of 15 Accucore chemistries to choose from in 5 categories: Polar selectivity stability in 100% aqueous conditions, C18 selectivity, Alternate hydrophobic selectivity, HILIC selectivity polar compound retention, and Aromatic selectivity orthogonal to C18

Accucore phase overview

Accucore Vanquish UHPLC columns

Using 1.5 μm solid core particles, allow UHPLC users to enjoy performance benefits over columns packed with conventional sub-2 μm fully porous particles

Phase nameParticle type (μm)Carbon load (%)USP

Accucore HPLC columns for biomolecules

The range of Accucore HPLC columns packed with 150 Å pore diameter particles allows biomolecule separations to benefit from the superb resolution and high speed enabled by solid core technology.

Phase nameParticle type (μm)Carbon load (%)USP

Accucore XL HPLC columns

Using 4 μm solid core particles, Accucore XL HPLC columns allow users of conventional HPLC methods to enjoy performance far beyond that of columns packed with 5 μm, 4 μm or even 3 μm fully porous particles.

Phase nameParticle type (μm)Carbon load (%)USP

Accucore HPLC columns

Containing solid core particles having a 2.6 μm diameter and a very narrow particle size distribution high speed, high resolution separations

Phase nameParticle type (μm)Carbon load (%)USP
Polar Premium2.68L60

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Acclaim HPLC & UHPLC Columns

Resolve more

  • The go-to column for complex mixtures that require more resolution
  • More phases, more choices
  • Fully porous with a high surface area, ensuring high retention
  • Designed for complicated samples
  • Separates and resolves compounds not possible with other columns

21 Acclaim chemistries to choose from

General-purpose RP

Separate complex samples with high surface area columns (C18, etc).


Retain multiple types of analytes on a single column.


Unique columns for specific applications: surfactants, organic acids, pesticides, aminoglycosides, explosive residues.


Designed for the separation of polar compounds.

21 Acclaim chemistries to choose from in 4 categories: General-purpose RP, Application-specific, HILIC, Mixed-mode

Acclaim phase overview

Phase Name2.2 µm3.0 µm5.0 µmPore Diameter (Å)Surface Area(m²/g)Carbon Load (%)USP
Acclaim 120 C18yesyesyes12030018L1
Acclaim 120 C18 Vanquishyes12030018L1
Acclaim 120 C8yesyesyes12030011L7
Acclaim 300 C18yes3001008L1
Acclaim Polar Advantageyesyesyes12030017L60
Acclaim Polar Advantage 2yesyesyes12030017L60
Acclaim PA2 Vanquishyes12030017L60
Acclaim C30yesyes20020013L62
Acclaim Phenyl-1yesyes12030013L11
Acclaim HILIC-10yes1208
Acclaim Organic Acidyesyes12030017
Acclaim Surfactantyesyes12030012
Acclaim Surfactant Plus (for LC-MS / CAD)yesyes120300
Acclaim Explosives E2yesyesyes120300
Acclaim Carbamateyesyesyes120300
Acclaim Carbonylyesyesyes120300
Acclaim Trinity Q1yes300100
Acclaim AmG C18yes120300
Acclaim Trinity P1yes300100
Acclaim Trinity P2yes300100
Acclaim Mixed-Mode WAX-1yesyes120300L85
Acclaim Mixed-Mode HILIC-1yesyes120300
Acclaim Mixed-Mode WCX-1yesyes120300L78
Acclaim SEC-10007µm1,000L38
Acclaim SEC-3005µm300L25

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Hypersil GOLD HPLC & UHPLC Columns

Back to basics

  • The go-to, easy-to-use HPLC columns for many chromatographic separations
  • Built on 40 years of experience in column development and manufacturing
  • Outstanding peak shape for reversed phase, ion exchange, HILIC, or normal phase chromatography
  • Excellent resolution, efficiency and sensitivity

Complete range of Hypersil GOLD columns to start your chromatographic separation

Hypersil GOLD
Hypersil GOLD C8
Hypersil GOLD C4
Traditional reversed-phase columns for hydrophobic interaction; C8 and C4 are better when less hydrophobicity is needed.
Hypersil GOLD aQGood for basic compound separations by reversed-phase using aqueous mobile phase.
Hypersil Phenyl
Hypersil PFP
Aromatic compounds are separated better with these columns.
Hypersil AX
Hypersil SAX
Hypersil Amino
Ion exchange columns are preferred for ionic compounds.
Hypersil HILIC
Hypersil Silica
Polar compounds are retained and separated well with these hydrophilic columns.
Complete range of Hypersil GOLD columns to start your chromatographic separation in 4 categories: Reversed-phase selectivity, Ion-exchange selectivity, HILIC selectivity, Aromatic selectivity

Hypersil GOLD phase overview

Phase Name1.9 µm3.0 µm5.0 µm12.0 µmCarbon Load (%)USPpH Range
Hypersil GOLD C18yesyesyesyes10L12 to 11
Hypersil GOLD C8yesyesyes8L72 to 9
Hypersil GOLD C4yesyesyes5L262 to 8
Hypersil GOLD aQyesyesyes12L12 to 9
Hypersil GOLD PFPyesyesyes8L432 to 8
Hypersil GOLD Phenylyesyesyes8L112 to 8
Hypersil GOLD CNyesyesyes4L102 to 8
Hypersil GOLD Aminoyesyesyes2L92 to 8
Hypersil GOLD AXyesyesyes62 to 8
Hypersil GOLD SAXyesyesyes2.5L142 to 8
Hypersil GOLD SilicayesyesyesL32 to 8
Hypersil GOLD HILICyesyesyes62 to 8

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