Upgrade to a modular research-grade rheometer platform

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 600 Rheometer and HAAKE MARS II Rheometer are out of service. If you have one, consider an upgrade to MARS 40/60 rheometer as repairs and replacement parts are now more challenging to obtain.

The advanced yet easy-to-use Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometer is proven for robustness, flexibility through modularity and application-specific solutions across a wide measuring range. Rely on this Rheometer to get your measuring job done right the first time – with confidence. Why wait?

Your benefits:

Simplified, convenient operations

  • Enhanced usability with “Connect Assist Technology” for rotor recognition with feedback loops and pneumatic rotor release.
  • Rheometer system protection by innovative air bearing technology including an air pressure level feedback loop.

New insights into rheological property changes

  • Expand your HAAKE MARS rheometer set-up with easy-to-use FT-IR, Raman or microscopy modules for hybrid analyses to understand in-situ what drives changes in the rheological properties.

Extended measuring capabilities

  • The lower torque range of the HAAKE MARS 60 rheometer is beneficial for sensitive measurements or for interfacial analysis. The high shear option is also part of the standard configuration.
  • A broad range of measuring geometries, temperature modules or measuring cells offers application specific customer solutions.

Reliable software capabilities

  • Staying with the Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin software platform, ensures a smooth transition of established methods.

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Here are some ways a new rheometer can ease your workload.


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