A new twist on a classic. Innovations for easy, fast liquid sampling.

Reduce the time and difficulty of liquid sample analysis with the Specac® Pearl™ horizontal liquid transmission accessory. The simple, 90° rotation makes transmission analysis faster than ever before. The Pearl accessory is also easier to use and clean than a traditional, vertical liquid cell.  Add the Pearl Accessory to your Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet™ FTIR Spectrometer and make liquid sampling easier than ever before.

Specac Pearl Accessory in the Nicolet iS5 Spectrometer
  • Fast and easy sample application and cleaning
  • Wedged windows to minimize spectral fringing
  • Pathlength accuracy and reproducibility comparable to traditional, vertical liquid cells
  • Allows sample to be directly viewed, to ensure no bubbles have been trapped
  • Easily handles viscous liquid samples
  • Volatile sample injection port included in top Oyster plate

The Pearl has been designed to provide a more precise pathlength than a traditional liquid transmission cell. The top Oyster cell includes a volatile sample injection port, which makes it possible to keep the Oyster assembly closed at all times during volatile liquid analysis. The sample can also be viewed through two Oyster windows, allowing the user to ensure no bubbles have been trapped.

The accessory contains an Oyster cell assembly, composed of a top and bottom sample plate. The bottom plate determines the pathlength of the Oyster cell and can be readily exchanged to optimize your sample analysis method. The top plate is easily lifted out of the way to allow fast and easy sample application and cleaning. Oyster cells can be fitted with ZnSe or CaF2 windows which are available in six different pathlengths: 25μm, 50μm, 100μm, 200μm, 500μm, and 1000μm. 

Note: Only the bottom Oyster plate must be changed to alter the pathlength of the transmission cell. Contact your sales representative for pricing.

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