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Chromeleon XTR Laboratory Management System (LMS)

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon XTR software is developed specifically to help your lab maintain data security beyond your CDS. Now you can manage all the data within your lab in one location, ensure adherence to processes, and facilitate complete regulatory compliance.

Manage your entire lab for compliance

Manage your entire lab for compliance

  • Sample management and data archiving across the laboratory
  • Secure, compliant control of all analytical data regardless of instrument vendor or type
  • Analyses can only be performed by authorized, trained individuals on calibrated, in-service instruments
  • Designed for 24/7 continuous uptime
  • Integrated lab and data management built on the superior compliance capabilities of Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Chromatography Data System (CDS)

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Chromeleon XTR software. As in eXTRa data security.

A critical component of the Thermo Scientific Chromeleon software portfolio, Chromeleon XTR software maintains data security across your whole lab.

Learn what Chromeleon XTR can do for your laboratory
  • Organize your complete testing process from sample login to testing, and final reporting
  • Bi-directional instrument communication enables complete control of all analytical runs, not just chromatography
  • Increase productivity by reducing time spent processing and checking results
  • Turn data into information, giving you real-time decision making
  • Ensure compliance through secure, future-proofed central data archival and retrieval

Turn your samples into knowledge and unlock the value of your data.

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Hear about how Chromeleon XTR software features that helps you improve data security and compliance for all your instruments in the laboratory, within one system.

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See how with Thermo Scientific enterprise software can help you manage your end to end laboratory process through an integrated laboratory software platform.

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