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Is Your Chromatography Data System Still State-of-the-Art?

Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS version 6 will soon be out of support along with its compatible operating systems and databases.

Upgrade to the Chromeleon 7 CDS platform for the fastest and simplest way to get a CDS that ensures quick adoption of future market changes and maintains access to your existing Chromeleon 6 CDS data.

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Key benefits of Chromeleon 7 CDS

Key benefits of Chromeleon 7 CDS
  • Industry-leading multi-vendor control – supports over 525 different instrument modules from over 20 manufacturers
  • Achieve compliance to the latest regulatory requirements with comprehensive security tools that ensure the highest degree of data integrity and traceability
  • Simplified run creation to your SOP requirements, including sequence, methods and reports, with one click eWorkflow procedures
  • Quick, accurate peak integration with the Cobra Peak Detection Algorithm and handling of unresolved peaks with SmartPeaks Integration Assistant
  • Enhanced integration to SampleManager LIMS, SDMS and LES, Watson LIMS and Biopharma Finder software to manage your complete laboratory workflows
  • Modern release strategy to either minimize validation effort or keep up-to-date with the latest innovations and technology changes depending on your business needs

Key Benefits

Version 6

Version 7

Multivendor instrument control  
Expandable from workstation to enterprise environment  
Comprehensive compliance tools  
Customizable spreadsheet based reporting  
SmartTools to increase productivity: eWorkflow procedures, CobraWizard, SmartPeaks and SmartLink  
Support for mass spectrometry  
Continuous updating to compliance with latest regulatory requirements  
Microsoft Windows 10 support  

Upgrade to Chromeleon 7 CDS Now!

Upgrade to Chromeleon 7 CDS Now!

Start your upgrade process here. Contact one of our CDS specialists to discover how quickly, easily and cost-effectively you can move to Chromeleon 7 software and take advantage of time-limited promotional rates and offers.

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